We’ve just kicked off our  VIP membership program at our Docklands Bike Shop.

It’s an easy way for us to give you the best service we possibly can and it’s a great way for you to get excellent value and  performance from your bike. Beyond that, by becoming a VIP member you’ll be directly supporting our social programs and making a huge difference to the lives of those we work with.

Here’s how it works –

You choose a level of membership Bronze, Silver or Gold which equates to our services levels – Good-Standard, Good-Commuter and Good -As-Gold. Paying up front for 12 months of attention saves you money and has numerous other benefits – we’ll be doing our best to treat you very, very well. See the details of the differing membership levels here.

Your membership lasts for 12 months and gives you services, tune-ups and gear to make sure your bike is running well all year round.

You’ll get a VIP card and be able to log in the VIP area to more easily book your services and tune ups. We’ve designed this to be convenient and valuable to our customers but it is also closely linked to, and motivated by, our core vision.

As a social enterprise we’re driven by making a difference rather than a dollar  – that’s part of why we chose bikes.

For social and environmental change bikes are a big lever . They can facilitate skills development, employment, confidence and psychological well being for the individual and they can transform whole cities for the better. Their impact is scalable in a way that few other objects can claim.

We’ve seen the difference that our social program have made and we know the impact of more people commuting by bicycle each day.

We know that by providing an  accessible, convenient and high quality service to Melbourne’s cyclists that we’re improving both our environment and community.Coming up with smarter ways of doing that is part of the brief  – hence the VIP membership program.

We’d love to see you come on board and become part of our community as well as being a customer.

You can sign up right here:)