Techy Talk – How often should I get my bike serviced?

The Good Cycles team tackles questions about bike repair and maintenance.

How often should I get my bike serviced?

Most people understand the need to regularly book in a car with a mechanic for a routine check up to make sure it runs smoothly and safely.  It also helps to avoid the need for any costly parts replacements.

Bicycles, sadly, aren’t given the same level of care.

At the Good Cycles shop (and out on the road) we work on a huge range of bicycles. From high end to low-end, it’s not unusual for us to work on bikes that desperately need some TLC. Continue reading “Techy Talk – How often should I get my bike serviced?”

The Good Wheel Project

The Good Wheel project in collaboration with The Squeaky Wheel, AMES and the City of Melbourne
Good Cycles mechanics/trainers Ben and Mark with participants in the refugee and asylum seeker program

Good Cycles isn’t just about offering a time saving and practical mobile bike mechanic service to all Melbournians. We want to give a helping hand to those with genuine and often serious barriers to getting ahead in life.

To achieve our mission we’ve partnered up with The Squeaky Wheel to deliver The Good Wheel Project. The project aims to increase the mobility and connectedness of new refugees and asylum seekers by offering:

  • Basic bike maintenance tips
  • Information on Victorian road rules
  • An insight into bike riding behaviour in Melbourne.

Abandoned bikes from around the City of Melbourne are collected, restored and matched to participants by one of our Good Cycles mechanics.

The classes are held in our Docklands workshop where participants can get to grips with their new bike (the workshop is massive) and, with the help of an interpreter, learn basic bike maintenance tips and biking etiquette to keep them safe on the streets

The program kicked off in February 2014 and has been supported by the City of Melbourne and delivered in partnership with refugee settlement agency AMES.

Check out Good Cycles traineeship program for details about how we are tackling social issues two wheels at a time, or get in touch at