Bike Service Melbourne


Our service centre has a reputation for excellence and great advice.
We can take care of any size job at our fully fitted-out workshop.
Check out our options below or give us a call on 03 9620 4576.


  • >> Brakes and Gears Checked and Adjusted
  • >> Chain Lube
  • >> Bearings Check
  • >> Complete Safety Check


  • ALL Standard Services plus +
  • >> Cable checked and lubricated
  • >> Bottom bracket checked
  • >> Head bearing check
  • >> Rims checked for true


  • ALL Commuter Services plus +
  • >> Bottom bracket removed, re-greased and adjusted
  • >> Wheel bearings disassembled, re-greased and adjusted
  • >> Complete drive-train removal, degreased, clean and lubrication


Good Cycles provides on-site servicing to participating buildings across Melbourne’s CBD. Ride in on the service day and your bike will be running smoothly and safely for the commute home – it couldn’t be more convenient.

Bike servicing starts at $77 with a typical service costing between $80-$120. This could include replacement parts such as brake pads, cables and inner tubes. Any major work or more expensive parts will be approved with you by our mechanics before proceeding.

Below is a list of upcoming sessions. If you would like your office building to participate, please speak to your building manager about securing our services and direct enquiries to

There are no upcoming Events at this time.


Good Cycles offers general tune-up mornings to offices around the CBD. One of our expert mechanics will come to your facility and spend the morning tuning up as many bikes as time allows, with a focus on safety and assessment.

This service is costed out at $250 (+ GST) for one mechanic. This covers around 20 bikes. Our mechanic will be in the bike parking area to meet and receive bikes in the morning as your building’s riders arrive. 

Please contact to book.


Book your office in for a one-off group bike servicing day by emailing

Once we have locked in a date, you will receive a group booking link and code. Share this with your colleagues so they can book their bikes in. 

A reminder will be sent to all participants prior to the servicing day. On the day of the servicing, we will meet and collect participants bikes on-site and complete services by the end of the day.