Meet the Good Cycles Team

Over the next few weeks Good Cycles will be posting a series of interviews that introduce you to the team of employees that make Good Cycles great. First cab off the rank is Co-founder/Director Luke Wright.

Interview #1

Luke03Name: Luke Wright

Position: Co-founder/Director

Q: How did you get involved with Good Cycles?

A: Loretta and I hatched the idea for Good Cycles a few years back. What started out as a short conversation about social enterprise, and how Melbourne was a city ripe for a bicycle-based organisation like Good Cycles, quickly snowballed into an actual living, breathing entity. Three and a half years later, the enterprise is going strong and doing lots of great things. It’s awesome to see it all come together.

Q: What does your day to day at Good Cycles look like?

A: Getting Good Cycles off the ground looked like a chook running around with its head chopped off. It was a lot of hard work – as a founder you end up being everything from the cleaner to the business development manager to the grant writer. I’ve recently stepped back from the day to day to have a break and to allow some people with fresh energy to come in and take the organisation to the next level. In summary, my day to day at the moment, involves a bit of reading, writing, playing music and riding bikes.

Q: What’s the best thing about working with Good Cycles?

A: I’m passionate about seeing what bikes and the bike industry can do for people who haven’t had a lot of chances in life. It’s a long, slow and costly process taking an organisation from an idea to a successful entity, and we’ve still go a long way to go, but to see some good news stories happen regularly now through the good work we do, that’s the best thing ever. To see people ride a bike for the first time, or be given their own bike when they couldn’t afford their own, or to offer someone his very first job working on bikes — that’s what it’s all about.

Q: Are you a keen cyclists? What do you ride? Have you done anything impressive when it comes to bikes?

A: I’m a committed commuter. Before starting with Good Cycles I knew next to nothing about bikes. I just knew they were a great vehicle for creating positive change. I now know a bit more about bikes, and I’ve caught the bike buying bug, but I’m still just a dabbler. I still commute everywhere by bike, I take the odd roadie ride on the Boulie or Beach Rd, and I occasionally get out on a rail trail for an overnighter.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that’s not related to Good Cycles or bikes.

A: I’ve played guitar since I was 12.