Meet the Good Cycles Team

Meet the Good Cycles Team

It’s week two of the ‘Meet the Team’ blog series and this week we are introducing our new general manager Jaison Hoernel

Interview #2


Name: Jaison Hoernel

Position: General manager

Q: How did you get involved with Good Cycles?

A: I met Luke a few years ago when he and Loretta were just getting started. I didn’t think much of what they were doing but mostly because I didn’t really understand the social enterprise model they were getting together and that it was all about using the bike for changing peoples lives.  Early this year the penny dropped and after a lifetime in the bicycle industry Good Cycles is something I can really connect with.

Q: What does your day to day at Good Cycles look like?

A: My wife says I ‘Flit’.  I have only been with Good Cycles for a few months so it’s been pretty full on, I’ve been getting my head around all of the things going on and all of the things we want to do.  At the moment my day involves a lot of talking with people: staff, trainees, partners and making sure it’s about the bike.

Q: What’s the best thing about working with Good Cycles?

A: People who like bikes and watching someone find out just how many different things a bike can be to them.

Q: Are you a keen cyclists? What do you ride? Have you done anything impressive when it comes to bikes?

A: Yes keen, but I never ride as much as I would like.  I have MTB’s and road bikes, but I really love tandems.  I’ve raced MTB tandems and even found someone crazy enough to sit on the back for a 4 day race in Tasmania a few years ago.  We went really fast down the hills…Not so fast up.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that’s not related to Good Cycles or bikes.

A: I started my working life as a classical singer and did that up until my early thirties when I choose to buy a bike shop.  I still sing sometimes..