Our Impact

Our impact

Good Cycles empowers young people facing barriers to work by offering them employment pathways. We improve their futures and contribute to more sustainable cities.​

Why young people need support

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youth unemployment is roughly double the adult unemployment rate


there are over 100 applicants for every entry-level job available


the average number of barriers to employment among Good Cycles supported employees 

Impact multiplier effect

each barrier to employment multiplies the effect of disadvantage on young people

How we change lives

We use paid work to break down barriers to employment.

We provide 

Training and coaching

On-the-job experience

Job-seeking support

Young people gain


Transferrable skills

More secure employment

How we overcome employment barriers

There are more job seekers than jobs, which has the greatest impact on those facing more barriers to employment.

We seek a representative workforce that reflects contemporary Australia and embraces the contributions of all backgrounds and identities.

We create jobs that are easily accessible by public transport, that don’t require a drivers license, and we provide bikes for mobility.

Paid work experience helps young people become responsible, organised, reliable and aware of workplace expectations.

Those lacking education or qualifications can access employment, relevant industry experience and certifications.

We support young people to build their resumes and professional networks.

Long-term pathways with community and industry partners help people access our programs and transition to ongoing, meaningful work.

The difference we are making

Work readiness isn’t a linear journey, but every incremental win builds resilience
and helps young people contribute to society.

Since 2018 we have:

Increased aspiration
0 %

of young people made goals that increased their aspiration and confidence

Increased transferrable skills
0 %

of young people increased their technical and transferable skills for employability

Increased transitions to work
0 %

of young people achieved job-readiness within 12 months

Who we have helped

Sustainable social enterprise

Since 2017, Good Cycles has successfully maintained its strategic 80/20 revenue model, with more than 80% of annual revenue derived from its commercial operations. Good Cycles reinvests 100% of profits back into its mission: providing young Victorians at risk of disengagement with employment opportunities that improve their futures. The remaining revenue is largely made up of philanthropic funding with the balance from donations and government grants. This funding is critical to the ability to scale business and in turn, support and provide valuable employment opportunities and partnerships. Good Cycles is dually focused on delivering both social impact and commercial sustainability. Success is measured by continuing to provide paid employment and support for at-risk youth. In a few short years, we have reached commercial sustainability with over 80% of our revenue coming from commercial activities.

Financial and annual reporting

Good Cycles is a registered charity with the ACNC.

You can view our financial and annual reporting on the ACNC website.