Bike Maintenance Courses

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to fix and maintain your bike Good Cycles now offers maintenance courses in partnership with our training provider Bicycle Training Australia(BTA). BTA’s  professional trainers are highly qualified with many years of practical experience, both in the workshop and on the road. We run short 3 hour courses for beginners and multi-week courses for those more experienced.

All courses are run from  Good Cycles in Docklands.

Short Courses

General Maintenance & Puncture Repair

An introductory 3-hour course for beginners, which concentrates on tools, wheels, tyres and tubes. After you have completed this course, you will be able to change a tyre, repair a puncture and look after your wheels.
The course is run from 5:30-8:30pm on Monday nights at Good Cycles in Docklands. ($79.00) Find Out More

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Bicycle Brakes & Gears

A more advanced 3-hour course which concentrates on all aspects of brakes and gear systems including set-up and maintenance. On completion you will have a thorough understanding of how to use, adjust and maintain the gears and brakes on your bike. The course is run from 5:30-8:30pm on Monday nights at Good Cycles in Docklands. ($79.00) Find Out More

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Multi-Week & Intensive Courses

Intermediate Bicycle Mechanics

A comprehensive  5 week course designed as an in-depth and hands-on review of bicycle mechanics for novice riders of all ages. It assumes no prior knowledge. After completion, you can ride with confidence, knowing you can tackle all the basic mechanical tasks for a day ride, or a regular daily commute.($425.00) Find Out More

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Intro to Advanced Bicycle Mechanics

This 11-week hands-on evening course aims to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform basic mechanical procedures on bikes of all types. This course will provide the participant with the taste of what a job as a bicycle mechanic entails and provide a pathway into the bicycle industry.

We also offer the course as a full-time (9am-5pm), 5 day intensive on selected weeks throughout the year. ($645.00) Find Out More

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