The What

Good Cycles is a Docklands bike shop & bicycle service centre that provides for bike commuters across the Melbourne CBD. Need a bike mechanic for bicycle repairs & maintenance? Book online. Our professional bicycle technicians will repair, maintain & service your bike. Looking for bicycle parts, accessories or a new bike? Drop in at our Docklands bike store & service centre. We also service fleet bikes, provide mechanical support for bike events, run workshops and more.

The Why

Good Cycles is an innovative & award-winning social enterprise. Our mission is to engage, empower, educate & employ people who are experiencing disadvantage. The humble bicycle has proven to be an excellent vehicle for facilitating this important work. We run a business that caters to the needs of Melbourne’s cycling communities. And the profits from this, along with philanthropic funding & donations, help to fund our community programs. We are a registered charity and Public Benevolent Institution.

The How

For bicycle repairs, services, maintenance, parts & accessories: book online. Or drop into our Docklands retail store/service centre. Services include: Standard $77; Commuter $120; Gold $220. Our professional technicians are passionate about bikes & are fully equipped to carry out everything from basic emergency repairs to custom wheel builds & full bike builds. We service high-end roadies to everyday commuters & everything in between. Please call 0403587778 or email for any info on our bicycle-based enterprises & community programs.

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